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The NATO MW COE successfully launched a set of survivability and mobility related projects in order to increase the level of sustainability in mountainous environment.

An inter-related package of Physical Fitness (PT), Food Provision (FP) and High-Altitude Effect (HAE) projects will mutually enhance the soldier's performance in mountainous environment. It is crucial to establish how physical preparation and nutrition can affect the soldiers’ activities in mountainous environment, especially in conjunction with high altitude.

Electric mountain bicycle (E-MTB) project will determine the usefulness and endurance of electric mountain bicycles in the field of Mountain Warfare in comparison with man-powered mountain bicycles. As part of the project, improvement of mobility and tactical use will also be considered.

Mountain Warfare Battle Dress Uniform (MW BDU) project will determine appropriate combinations, rules and regulations of using clothing layers for activities performed in mountainous environment during summer and winter time.