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Exploiting the opportunities arising from all available resources, the NATO MW COE Doctrine and Standardization Branch is focused on providing doctrinal coherence in the field of mountain warfare. Although, MW-specific doctrine does not exist within NATO at this moment, there are some topics already present in doctrinal publications architectures. Those need to be taken into account as early as at the very beginning to keep new products synchronized with already existing publications.

According to the general mission of COEs, the NATO MW COE is encouraged to suggest improvements and propose amendments to existing doctrines, procedures and standards as and when appropriate, for subsequent endorsement by the Strategic Commands and/or NATO HQ. In this role, the NATO MW COE Doctrine and Standardization Branch serves as a tool which analyses existing publications, seeks for incoherence and, when appropriate, provides proposals according to NATO Standardization Process. Based on lessons learned, primarily received from operations and exercises, the branch will develop new products, based on expressed needs within the Alliance.