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The NATO MW COE Education and Training (E&T) Branch merges MW knowledge, currently documented within the national domain. The main effort is to seek for best practices through methodologically different approaches to education and training in mountain warfare, which could be used in the pre-deployment phase of multinational formations. Current operations, including military assistance, require specific training, readiness, techniques and appropriate equipment as well as a specific approach in terms of doctrine and tactics in the mountain areas.

One of the main tasks of the E&T Branch is to collect existing MW courses and training publications, available to the Alliance. The best practice, lessons identified and lessons learned present the basis for developing MW course curricula within the NATO MW COE. The NATO MW COE E&T activities are based on NATO Standards and standardized terminology, and are composed so as to ensure improved interoperability.

In the near future, great attention is given on the synchronization of professionals involved in E&T. They have to scan existing curricula within the Alliance and Nations in order to improve themselves acting as NATO lecturers and trainers.

The connection with existing databases related to education and training (e.g. ACT JFT e-ITEP, ETOC…) within the Alliance will provide an overview of existing activities. Based on that, an analysis of shortfalls can be prepared. Active participation in different NATO bodies related to training and exercises will open new opportunities for the further development of the E&T MW field.

Interoperability can be also improved by including MW components to NATO military exercises or other multinational exercises. Scenarios, involving mountain environment tasks and incidents could significantly contribute to the effectiveness of deployed multinational capabilities.