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Lessons Learned Process

Lessons Learned Process purpose is to learn efficiently from experience and to provide validated justifications for amending the existing way of doing things, in order to improve performance.

Source: AJP 3(B) Allied Joint Doctrine for the Conduct of Operations


In order to support NATO’s and the Nations’ approach to Mountain Warfare (MW), the NATO MW COE LL goal is to become a hub and custodian for MW Lessons.

NATO MW COE LL Tasks and Responsibilities 

  • Gathering MW-related Observations, Best Practices (BP), Lessons Identified (LI).
  • Ensuring that Observations, BP, LI are studied, analyzed and that relevant Lessons are incorporated into the NATO MW COE LL process.
  • Disseminating and publishing Lessons related to MW.
  • Working in close cooperation with the NATO Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) and other NATO partners.

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