HRV Ambassador to SVN at NATO MW COE

HRV Ambassador to SVN at NATO MW COE

On Wednesday, February 15, 2017 the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Slovenia, H.E. Ms Vesna Terzić paid a visit to the NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (MW COE) in Poljče, Slovenia.

The NATO MW COE Director, COL Boštjan Blaznik briefed the respected Ambassador about the Centre’s Mission and Vision, its current work, as well as about the future projects, highlighting the significance of a successfully launched Mountain Warfare Education and Training Standardization Proposal (ATrainP) in the previous autumn. Also, the Director presented the planned activities of the Mobile and Education Team of the NATO MW COE in the Republic of Croatia for this year. Such activities will be beneficial principally in the matter of sharing the knowledge and lessons learned and enhancing the visibility of the NATO MW COE abroad.

The Republic of Croatia, as a NATO MW COE Sponsoring Nation, is participating in the Training and Education Branch with LTC Dražen Komadina, the Branch Head.

At the end, H.E. Ms Terzić thanked for the presentation and stated: “I am glad that the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia are collaborating within the NATO, especially given the fact that we are neighbours,” and wished the Director and his team all the best in the future.[envira-gallery id=”1865″]

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