NATO MW COE and EU P&S MTI Meeting

NATO MW COE and EU P&S MTI Meeting

Based on an internationally expressed need to enhance mountain warfare, both organizations, the NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW COE) and the European Union Pooling and Sharing Mountain Training Initiative (EU P&S MTI), have already set cooperation ties in the past.

In this context, the 3rd working meeting was organized in Poljče, Slovenia, on 15 October 2018, providing an annual opportunity for both organizations to strengthen cooperation, deepen contact, and get acquainted with both organizations’ novelties in their field of work. It was emphasized that the cooperation gives a ‘win-win chance’ to both organizations.

As a result, future common opportunities for cooperation have been explored and set, namely the attendance at MW exercises, expert talks, conferences, and individual training events.

It was agreed that the next working meeting will take place in Austria.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the NATO MW COE and do not necessary reflect the official policy of NATO.[envira-gallery id=”967″]

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