Romanian Ambassador in NATO MW COE

Romanian Ambassador in NATO MW COE

The Romanian Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia, H.E. Mr. Anton Niculescu, accompanied by the Deputy Head of Mission, Ms. Carmen Florea, visited the NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (MW COE) on 16 December in Poljče, Slovenia.

The NATO MW COE Director, Colonel Boštjan Blaznik and his staff briefed the distinguished visitors on the Centre’s main activities and future perspective. During the meeting, the NATO MW COE’s role and visibility as a “hub” in the area of the mountain warfare expertise was highlighted. Also, the meeting was an opportunity to provide the visitors with a short introduction to military mountian equipment.

Currently, Romania is in the process of joining the NATO MW COE as a Sponsoring Nation. In this context, the centre has already been visited by a delegation of the Romanian Armed Forces in September 2016 in order to discuss the possibility of developing such close cooperation. A second visit took place in October, when – as part of the 3rd Steering Committee in October – Romanian representatives in observer capacity were informed on the details of the process of joining the NATO MW COE.

Certainly, the Romania, as the next Sponsoring Nation, will be a valuable contribution to the NATO MW COE.[envira-gallery id=”1967″]

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