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Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces General Staff (SAF GS), J-5 division, have enriched their regular meeting with the NATO MW COE presentation, on 12th January in Poljče, Slovenia.

The NATO MW COE Director, Colonel Boštjan Blaznik and Lieutenant Colonel Marjan Zupančič, Doctrine and Standardisation branch staff officer, briefed the visitors on the Centre’s main activities and on currents standardisation products status. The process of the Mountain Warfare Education and Training Publication Standardisation Task has been presented hereinafter.

The Head of the SAF GS J-5, Colonel Mojca Pešec, serving formerly as National liaison representative to the NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, USA, expressed thanks to the NATO MW COE for the presentation.

Members of the GS SAF J-5 thus obtained an opportunity to become additionally acquainted with the workflow and recent ongoing activities in the NATO MW COE.