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Summer Military Mountaineering Course

Between 5 and 16 October 2015 MW COE organized the advanced Summer Military Mountaineering Course. The aim was to provide participants with skills and knowledge for mountain warfare in summer conditions. Among the 15 participants there were 10 representatives from the USA, 2 from Montenegro and 3 from Slovenia. The Course took place in the Gorenjska region and, due to the changing weather conditions, partly in the Primorska region (Vipava, Črni kal). The main topics were to become familiar with military mountaineering equipment, learn about the dangers and risks in a mountainous environment, personal preparation for mountain activities, movement and overcoming natural obstacles, orientation and navigation, and basic information about mountain rescue while dealing with the characteristics of the mountain terrain. All the participants had an opportunity to face the unpredictable weather conditions you can face in a mountain environment.

The Course was brought to an end successfully and all the participants expressed their satisfaction about the level of knowledge they had received. As some of them said, “I’m looking forward to bringing what I’ve learnt here on this Course back to my unit.”