2022 NATO COE Marketplace

2022 NATO COE Marketplace



The 2022 edition of the NATO-Accredited Centres of Excellence Marketplace took place at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, 10-11 May 2022 with strong cooperation between NATO Headquarters, Allied Command Transformation, and the 28 Centre of Excellence Directors. Designed especially for NATO HQ staff, this second edition of the Centres of Excellence Marketplace aimed at highlighting the diverse, but crucial, support that the NATO Centres of Excellence provide to the Alliance.

General Paolo Ruggiero, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, highlighted the fundamental contribution of the Centres of Excellence in his opening remarks: “in my role as the Allied Command Transformation’s Coordinator of the Centres of Excellence, let me just say that, without a doubt, Centres of Excellence are a powerful ‘force multiplier’ thanks to their unique and qualified expertise, wide outreach capacity and distinctive position outside the NATO Command Structure,” he said.

During the event, each Centre of Excellence had the opportunity to showcase national contributions made to the Alliance, allowing NATO International Staff and International Military Staff personnel to recognize, understand and embrace the value of the 28 accredited Centres in terms of expertise, support and advice provided. The Centres promoted their work and shared examples of their products and outputs, from Warfare Development Agenda to Multi-Domain Operations contributions, Cognitive Warfare and Layered Resilience, delivered to NATO on behalf of their Sponsoring Nations.

“It is essential to speed up the process for the implementation of the Alliance Capstone Concepts, the Concept for the Defence and Deterrence of the Euro-Atlantic Area and the NATO Warfighting Capstone concept, through the delivering of new concepts, innovative solutions and rapid actions – such as Multi-Domain Operations, Cognitive Warfare, Layered Resilience, Digital Transformation – to ensure we keep our advantage,” said General Ruggiero in his remarks.

Prior to the Marketplace, the Military Committee received an update on the activities of the Centres of Excellence and on the outcomes of the Directors Conference held in Norfolk, VA at the end April; NATO’s Defence Investment Division also led a Centres of Excellence Directors Session to include specific NATO key topics of interest and engagement with the Centres’ Directors.

The NATO MW COE team, led by the Director, Colonel Borut Flajšman presented the Centre’s achievements and products from past 2 years, as well as the current projects, such as NATO Mountain Warfare Concept, Allied Tactical Standard in mountain warfare domain, courses and much more.


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