The new NATO Mountain Warfare Operations Planning Course was a success!

The new NATO Mountain Warfare Operations Planning Course was a success!

To provide NATO allies and partners with a common and comprehensive approach to planning operations in a mountainous environment and improve their operational interoperability and integration in multi-domain operations, the NATO MW COE prepared the new NATO Mountain Warfare Operations Planning Course (NATO MW OPC).

The first iteration was conducted in Poljče/SVN from 10 to 14 JUN 2024, was attended by 16 participants (leaders, staff officers and planners) from 8 different NATO countries & partners (CAN, DEU, GBR, GEO, HRV, ITA, POL & SVN) and supported by the Centre’s multi-national body of lecturers, instructors & SMEs and guest speakers from ITA Army and NATO MILENG COE.

Throughout the course, participants have been taught how to prepare and employ different BN and BDE level task units and assets, taking in consideration the specifics of operations in difficult mountainous environment and its integration in a broader multi-domain concept of operations, using the latest NATO standards, concepts, approaches and procedures.

Students have also developed their group-working skills during syndicate work, where they have planned together an operation in mountainous terrain through the NATO TPP and conducted a two-day field reconnaissance mission to assess the impact of mountainous terrain on their planned activities.

Becoming a team in such a short amount of time, and having an eight-nation staff able to plan a MW operation, proves the success of our established goals. Therefore, we offer to our participants our deepest appreciation and CONGRATULATIONS!

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