3rd NATO MW COE Steering Committee

3rd NATO MW COE Steering Committee

The 3rd NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (MW COE) Steering Committee (SC) Meeting took place in Poljče, Slovenia, between 18 and 20 October.

It was attended by the SC Chairman, 3 representatives of the Sponsoring Nations, 1 representative of the Contributing partner, 3 observer Nations and representatives of the NATO MW COE.

The SC Meeting was officially opened and chaired by BG Klemen Medja, the newly appointed SC Chairman.

During the two-day assembly, the NATO MW COE Programme of Work (POW) and the Budget for 2017 were approved, also the Medium-Term Financial Plan (2018 – 2022) was presented and noted.

As part of the Director’s updated report, he touched following issues: key achievements in 2016, organizational chart and human resources, working environment improvements, NATO MW COE expanding with new Nations, and the MW future perspective.

The decision was taken that the next SC meeting will take place between 14 – 16 NOV 2017, in Poljče, Slovenia.[envira-gallery id=”2043″]

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