‘5 Towers 2018’ Exercise

‘5 Towers 2018’ Exercise

Surrounded by the impressive scenery of the Italian Dolomites, military mountain troops engaged in the multinational inter-force exercise ‘Five Towers 2018’ on 4th July 2018.

The exercise and individual demonstrations, which were also open to the public audience, involved soldiers from 14 allied countries as well as staff members of various armed forces. In the mountain district of Cinque Torri (Five Towers), where the Italian artillery command was headquartered a hundred year ago, the mountain troops demonstrated their technical and tactical skills in the mountainous environment. Exciting demonstrations of rock climbing and rescue manoeuvres (with and without helicopters) as well as the ability to develop military actions in a particularly difficult and selective environment were presented.

The legacy of mountain soldiers who, during WWI, performed epic military mountaineering deeds in this part of the Alps was continued in the exercise by the mountain troops. Particular emphasis was given to the concept of ‘mountain warfare’, evolution of the traditional mountain fighting techniques, with procedures continuously updated, characterizing the modern mountain soldier as someone who is ready to be engaged and capable of operating in any possible environment.

The NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence participated in the ‘Five Towers’ Exercise with four members of the Education and Training Branch.[envira-gallery id=”1036″]

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