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Annual Congress of Military Mountain Soldiers Association hosted in NATO MW COE

On Saturday, 23 January, an Annual Congress of the Military Mountain Soldiers Association has been hosted in the NATO MW COE, in Poljče. Military Mountain Soldiers Association is as well a member of the International Federation of Mountain Soldiers – IFMS. Its main mission is: mountains nature values conservation, friendship promotion between soldiers and mountaineers and cultivation of the memories of the fallen soldiers in the mountains.

Madam Minister of Defence, Mrs. Andreja Katič, as a guest of honor, opened the congress and welcomed all the participants.

As regulraly, the conducted activities of the Association were summed, plans for the upcomming year presented, and the awards given at the end.

COL Boštjan Blaznik, the Director of the NATO MW COE has been awarded with the bronze medal for merit and contribution in enhancing and developing the Military Mountain Soldiers Association, of which he is a long-standing member.