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Annual Coordination Meeting Mountain Warfare Center of Excellence (MWCOE) and Mountain Training Initiative (MTI)

Cooperation at the international level is an important cornerstone for the development of procedures in the mountain environment.

This is why the MWCOE holds a coordination meeting with the MTI every year. The coordination meeting 2023 was held in Graz (Austria) in the “Belgier” Barracks in mid-April this time.

The director of the MWCOE, Col Borut FLAJSMAN, and the head of the MTI, Col Mathias RITZ, gave an overview of the last joint projects and afterward, they discussed further joint projects for 2024. Representatives from DEU and CZECHE were also present and underline also again the importance of cooperation in mountain techniques in a mountain environment and also the sharing of the training facilities for mountain troops.

Finally, the joint plan for 2024 was defined, and both sides the MWCOE and the MTI again emphasized the importance of joint cooperation in training in the mountain environment.