ATrainP-6 Mountain Warfare Writing Session No. 1

ATrainP-6 Mountain Warfare Writing Session No. 1

The NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW COE) was tasked by the Military Committee Joint Standardization Board (MCJSB) as a custodian for developing, producing and maintaining a standard titled “Mountain Warfare Education and Training Publication”, and abbreviated as ATrainP-6 Mountain Warfare. The standard will provide a coherent publication forming a common basis for the education and training of formations, units, sub-units, and staffs in order to enhance training within NATO and Partner Nations. This will be an important step to gain interoperability and to improve the unit’s readiness before being deployed to operations.

In accordance with the task given and the current Programme of Work 2017, the NATO MW COE organized and conducted the ATrainP-6 Writing Session No. 1, as initial phase for developing the final draft of the MW training publication in 2018.

The 1st Writing Session took place at the NATO MW COE in Poljče, Slovenia, from 20 to 24 November 2017. Participants, along with the NATO MW COE staff members, were national subject matter experts from Austria, Italy, Norway and Slovenia.

During the plenary and syndicate work a consensus on the Table of Content of the publication was reached and confirmed. Furthermore, the already drafted fundamental definitions, descriptions as well as classifications of mountains, mountainous terrain and mountain warfare were accepted.

After a week of intensive work on exchanging opinions, experiences and knowledge, the final outcome of the 1st ATrainP-6 writing session is the refined Table of Content and roughly drafted content in the chapters Introduction, Considerations for Mountain Warfare and Specific Requirements to Combat Functions in MW.

Herewith, the basis for future work in drafting this publication and preparation of next writing session was set successfully.[envira-gallery id=”1449″]

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