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AtrainP-6: Writing Session No. 5

The NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW COE) was tasked by the Military Committee Joint Standardization Board (MCJSB) as a custodian for developing, producing and maintaining a Standard titled “Mountain Warfare Education and Training Publication” (abbreviated as ATrainP-6 Mountain Warfare). The Standard will provide a coherent publication forming a common basis for the education and training of formations, units, sub-units, and staffs, in order to enhance training within NATO and Partner Nations. This will be an important step to gain interoperability and to improve the unit’s readiness before being deployed to operations.

In accordance with the task given and the current Programme of Work, the NATO MW COE organised and conducted, the last event this year, ATrainP-6 Writing Session No. 5, in Poljče, Slovenia between 25 and 27 September, 2018. The centre of gravity in this writing session was to finalise the substance work (content) with the SME´s from the contributing Nations. In deep work and specified discussion, with different approaches, from the Nations SME´s to some special issues, the AtrainP-6, substance work at the ‘working level’ of a writing session was finished. It´s now up to the custodian (NATO MW COE) to insert the session results in the complete work and to finalise the 1st Draft, 1st Version of the 1st NATO-MOUNTAIN WARFARE Publication. By the end of the year, the Draft is intended to be sent to the NATO Standardization Office (NSO), thus enabling NSO to start the endorsement and promulgation process.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the NATO MW COE and do not necessary reflect the official policy of NATO.