Attending IAMMS Meeting in Quebec

Attending IAMMS Meeting in Quebec

The Meeting of the International Association of Military Mountain Schools (IAMMS) took place in Quebec, Canada, from 6th to 10th February, 2017. The purpose of the Meeting was not only to establish common training, methods, techniques, and equipment, but also to share the lessons learned and to foster consensus and leadership. Moreover, the Association may serve as a basis for the implementation, application, and elaboration of the existing principles in the military mountain community.

In this regard, the NATO Mountain Wafrare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW COE) participated in the 2017 Meeting for the first time. The NATO MW COE Deputy Director, Colonel Alberto Zamboni, followed the proceedings and had the opportunity to inform the Association’s National representatives about the NATO MW COE’s activities.

As a result, the Commanders Committee granted the NATO MW COE the status of a “Permanent Observer”, a great outcome for the future cooperation and the construction of a much broader mountain Community of Interest.

The next meeting, which will be dedicated to “Summer Emergency Rescue”, is scheduled to take place in October 2018, in Spain.[envira-gallery id=”1877″]

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