E-Learning Centre – New MW COE capability

E-Learning Centre – New MW COE capability

On 18 December 2020, the NATO MW COE launched the E-Learning Centre as a new information resource. The E-Learning Centre serves as an online learning platform which is aimed to build-up and share knowledge in the field of Mountain Warfare.

The E-Learning Centre is accessible on the link https://e-learning.mwcoe.org or you can click on the E-Learning Centre tab on the first site of this web page.

You are invited to join and complete the first e-Learning course Basic Mountain Environment Characteristic.

The course is based on the NATO STANAG 6525, ATrainP-6 Mountain Warfare Education and Training and provides basic knowledge on the mountain environment for a wider Community of Interest.

This is the first in a series of planned online courses which aims to achieve the required level of professional knowledge and skills for warfighting in mountainous environment. This course will also serve as an introduction to NATO MW COE residential courses.

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