“FP in MW” seminar in ROU

“FP in MW” seminar in ROU

From 25th to 27th of April 2023, NATO MW COE in collaboration with ROU Land Forces organised in Brașov, ROU, a seminar about “Force Protection in Mountain Warfare”. The seminar gathered experts from 7 different NATO member and partner nations (HRV, ITA, POL, ROU, SVN, USA and AUT), belonging to specialised centres and units like NATO MW COE, JCBRN Defence COE, EOD COE, C-IED COE, MP COE, MILMED COE, AUT 6th Mountain BDE, ITA Alpine BDE “Julia” and ROU 2nd and 61st Mountain BDEs. During the 3 days, the experts have presented and highlighted the importance of Force Protection during planning and conducting of military operations in mountainous terrain, for minimizing vulnerabilities and maintaining the freedom of movement.

The seminar was directly supported by the ROU 2nd Mountain Brigade “Sarmizegetusa”, under the command of Brigadier-General Ilie-Marian Dragomir, and ROU 61st Mountain Brigade “General Virgil Bădulescu”, under the command of Colonel Nicolae-Gabriel Oros. The brigades held a display and presentation of specialised weapons, equipment and devices intended to ensure Force Protection during movement and deployment, against Air and CBRN attacks, explosive traps and sabotage.

During the seminar, participants also had a chance to experience first-hand how mountainous terrains dominated across history by visiting a historical fortified castle, and were presented how military chaplains can boost troops’ morale and resilience.

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