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The Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (MW COE) recently organized the 2nd MW COE NATO-listed course, LOP-LO-34426, which is dedicated to small units. Seventeen platoon leaders and company commanders, NCOs and officers, came to Poljče in Slovenia from six NATO countries – CZE, DEU, POL, BEL, ITA and MNE – for the course, held on 7-18 October, 2019.

The main purpose of the course was to prepare its participants to conduct NATO operations in mountainous terrain. The course participants were provided with the knowledge necessary for successful and effective movement, survival, planning and leading operations in the mountains, taking into consideration the specific impact of the difficult terrain and conditions on combat functions.

The course was a unique opportunity for the participants to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of operations in the mountains. A final product of the course attendees, who were divided into five groups for the tactical part of the course, was an Operational Order (OPORD) and a backbrief to the audience. They all successfully completed this part of the course, after they had carried out recconaissance on the terrain of the operation.

Special thanks go to our colleagues from the Austrian Armed Forces and Hochgebirgs-Jägerbataillon 26 from Spittal an der Drau for their specialized equipment presentation, including both a static and a dynamic display.