On Tuesday, 13 April, the NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW COE) orgnaized the NATO Mountain Warfare Concept Validation Experiment Outcome Conference at the Bled Rose Hotel, Slovenia. The purpose of the event was to present the final report of the experiment.

The NATO MW Concept Validation Experiment is a part of the Concept Development process that helps us to validate the capabilities which are the outcome of the NATO MW Concept. In the past, we have already conducted the Chessboard exercise, using the tool of the Concept Development Assessment game.

The MW Concept Validation Experiment was a brigade-level computer assisted experiment (the tool) in which two different task organizations were compared: a standard infantry brigade and an infantry brigade with all capabilities that are the outcome of the Mountain Warfare Concept. The NATO MW COE conducted this activity in cooperation with the Model and Simulation Centre of Excellence in Rome, the 1st Brigade of the Slovenian Armed Forces, which prepared the operational order (OPORD) for light infantry brigade, the Taurinense Alpine Brigade from Italy, which prepared the OPORD for the Mountain Brigade, and the Joint Training Centre of the Slovenian Armed Forces, where the experiment took place in March 2021.

A key role in the experiment was also played by a major group of validators from the MW Community of Interest. We very much appreciate their readiness for validation. In addition to the validation of the simulation results, they contributed to the final evaluation mainly with theirs valuable experience in the field of mountain warfare.

The members of the MW COE presented the main planning group report, experiment validation group report and way ahead. Participants of the Conference were addressed also by ACT FOGO BG Ilmars A. Lejins who congratulated the participants for their excellent work and underlined the importance of the experiment.

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