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Around 300 members of the Slovenian Armed Forces, the armed forces of Great Britain and the United States and the NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence will join their forces to train during the TRIGLAV STAR 21 international military mountain exercise between 6 and 23 September. In the exercise, they will test their mountain warfare capabilities and strengthen interoperability and trust among the Allied Nations.

The exercise comprises of three phases:

  • Training of individual mountaineering skills in the area of Bohinjska Bela barracks and Julian Alps
  • Collective training / situational exercises of groups and departments on survival and combat operations in the mountainous environment will be conducted in the Draga valley and the Karavanke mountain range
  • Company size exercise including an assault on a strong point in demanding mountainous terrain will take place in the Mount Blegoš area within municipality of Gorenja Vas.

In the first part of the exercise, 6 – 10 September, training will be conducted focusing on individual military mountaineering skills.

In the second part, 13 – 16 September, training will focus on mountain warfare in steep terrain, with an emphasis on overcoming natural obstacles (e.g. gorges, wild mountain rivers, etc.) by using special technical mountain warfare equipment and procedures.

In the third part, 17 – 21 September, a tactical exercise will be carried out with the purpose to assess the competence of units in the mountain warfare.

The NATO MW COE participate with five representatives, namely LTC Željko Papazovič (HRV A), as Deputy Commander of the FTX and four subject matter experts (instructors).