NATO MW COE on Visit to Next Sponsoring Nation

NATO MW COE on Visit to Next Sponsoring Nation

From 27th to 29th March, the Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW COE) Branches members visited the Romanian Mountain Troops` Training Base and the 21st Mountain Battalion “General Leonard Mociulschi”  in Predeal, Romania.

The Republic of Romania is in the process of joining the NATO MW COE as the next Sponsoring Nation. The referred working visit was part of the familiarization process with the Romanian Mountain Troops` Training Base through the exchanging of information and possibilities of future cooperation in different fields of work between the two institutions.

During a demonstration, members of the 21st Mountain Troops Battalion presented part of their capabilities showing a high-level of training and professionalism.

The Romanian Armed Forces have a long tradition in structured mountain training. Knowledge gained in their training base, as well as the Mountain Warfare experience of the Romanian Mountain Troops, will contribute to the NATO MW COE’s efforts in becoming a hub for Mountain Warfare within the Alliance and its work in different areas, starting from the development of new concepts, doctrines, standards, lessons learned, and education and training program, in line with the NATO Concept of Smart Defence.[envira-gallery id=”1773″]

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