NATO MW COE Staff Ride

NATO MW COE Staff Ride



From May 29th to June 2nd, 2023, the NATO MW COE organized a highly successful Staff Ride. Over the course of five days, 13 participants from Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, the United States, France, and Slovenia delved into the rich history of the 12th Soča/Isonzo Battle and the Piave Battles. This immersive experience was made possible by the invaluable support and guidance provided by military historians from Italy, Slovenia, Austria, and NATO MW COE Subject Matter Experts.

The Staff Ride had several key objectives:

  1. Thoroughly analyze the planning, deployment, offensive and defensive activities of the 12th Soča/Isonzo Battle and the Piave Battles.
  2. Identify common parallels between the historical battles and contemporary mountain warfare scenarios.
  3. Explore the distinctions and advancements in capabilities between the past and present.
  4. Extract valuable lessons pertaining to deployment and logistics, intelligence and reconnaissance, communication, combat support, and command and control.
  5. Gain a profound understanding of the significance of effective leadership, mission command, maneuver, and both direct and indirect fires in mountain warfare.
  6. Foster critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills among the participants.
  7. Cultivate a deep sense of professional pride and unit cohesion.

In addition to achieving these objectives, the event also aimed to promote and familiarize participants with the vital field of mountain warfare, while showcasing the NATO MW COE’s expertise and capabilities.


The NATO MW COE is committed to hosting at least one Staff Ride each year, inviting different headquarters to participate. By extending these invitations, we seek to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in mountain warfare.

Through events like the Staff Ride, the NATO MW COE continues to fulfill its mission of providing outstanding training, research, and development in mountain warfare. We are dedicated to equipping our military leaders and personnel with the necessary skills, knowledge, and historical insights to tackle the complex challenges of modern warfare in mountainous terrain.


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