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During the period 6   ̶ 17 March 2023, the Italian Armed Forces is conducting the exercise “VOLPE BIANCA” (WHITE FOX) in the Alto Adige area. This exercise is being held through the Italian Alpine Corps, the Corpo Degli Alpine, and is carried out in a mountainous environment.

In line with the well-established cooperation between the NATO MW COE and Italian Mountain Troops, a team consisting of 2 staff officers and the Senior Enlisted Leader of the Centre, participated in a fragment of the exercise, referred to as the Ice Patrol.

The Ice Patrol part of the EX was carried out in the first week. In this exercise, various tasks were carried out in platoons and groups, and the training level of the units was checked. Different stations had to be visited and two nights were spent in a self-built bivouac in the mountains (at an altitude between 1800 and 2300m).

The use of advanced technology and equipment also played a significant role in the success of the exercise. The units demonstrated proficiency in handling and operating various weapon systems and other equipment.

A great deal of knowledge, techniques, and tactics were demanded of the soldiers at group and platoon levels. The deployed units were able to fulfil their tasks well. It became clear that the previous training courses in the mountain combat winter environment had been very well received and the techniques learned then were perfectly implemented during the three days of the “Ice Patrol”.

Overall, the exercise was a resounding success. The participating troops demonstrated their professionalism, discipline, and commitment to their duties. The exercise served as a valuable training opportunity, allowing the troops to refine their skills and tactics in the mountainous environment.