Our MW Small Unit Leaders Course has concluded one more iteration

Our MW Small Unit Leaders Course has concluded one more iteration

Bringing together 14 participants from 10 nations (USA, GBR, LTU, CZE, ROU, ITA, BEL, HRV, DEU, and SVN), our Centre’s Mountain Warfare Small Units Leader Course has taken them through an intensive two-week program, from 11 to 22 March 2024, in Poljče and the surrounding Karavanke Alps.

The aim was to provide the leaders and commanders with essential knowledge, insight and awareness for conducting effective activities and operations in snow-covered mountain terrain. The course covered a broad spectrum of topics such as: NATO MW standards, operating in a multi-domain battlespace, modern warfighting & technologies, mountain hazards & risk management, route planning & the Mountain Situation Plan, rope techniques, tactical movement in winter conditions and the Tactical Planning Process.

Through the collaboration of our lecturers, instructors, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from all branches of the MW COE and other supporting units, participants managed to achieve the course’s Performance Objectives and Standards and gained a comprehensive knowledge foundation for conducting Mountain Warfare, following the NATO ATrainP-6 framework.

By the end of the course we can say that the participants covered almost 40 km of difficult mountain terrain, sprinkled with bad weather conditions, snow covers, very steep slopes and dangerous areas. If all altitude gains and losses would have been put together, our students would have conquered a 3500m tall mountain.

With all these challenges considered, the students have managed to push through and accomplish their mission and tasks. And for that they deserve a big CONGRATIOLATIONS!

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