US Defence Attaché Visit

US Defence Attaché Visit

The United States Defense and Army Attaché, LTC Klaudius Robinson, visited the NATO MW COE, on 5th September 2018.

The visit took place as a result of previously successful and active cooperation endavours between the NATO MW COE and various US armed forces institutions. The meeting served as an excellent opportunity to continue these well-established relations and was conducted in order to inform the US representative on the COE’s progress made so far, its current and future work, as well as to explore any other potential ways of future common efforts.

The NATO MW COE Director, COL Boštjan Blaznik, with his staff, briefed the guest on the centre, and its areas of work, highlighting the COE’s particular feature of a hub for mountain warfare.

Special position of the NATO MW COE as international military organisation was presented, considering that the overall responsibility for the COE’s coordination, concept and capability development within NATO lies with the Supreme Allied Command Transformation and Steering Committee, composed of the COE’s Sponsoring Nations, acts as the sole governing body of the NATO MW COE.

The visit also strengthens the excellent relations between the US and the NATO MW COE.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the NATO MW COE and do not necessary reflect the official policy of NATO.[envira-gallery id=”1027″]

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