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On 15 December 21 NATO MW COE organized webinar entitled Mission Command in Mountain Warfare.

Mission command is particularly important in military operations conducted in mountainous terrain, because of the compartmentalization of the battlefield and potential isolation of forces.

To successfully operate at the tempo and complexity demanded by the mountainous environment, forces must be able to make rapid decisions and adapt to changing tasks. Forces require greater agility in order to respond rapidly. Decisive action requires decentralization of execution and an increase in the abilities and capabilities of small units and their commanders, to include access to joint fires and greater authority.

Therefore, the NATO MW COE aim and objective of the webinar was to join experts from NATO and partner countries. Lecturers from AUT, DEU, ITA, NLD, SVN and USA highlight mission command from strategical, operational, historical and in particular mountain warfare perspective. Eminent speakers provided us with an insight into the approach to mission command through higher levels of command to a conceptual approach. More than 70 participants from 22 countries actively follow event.