Mountain Warfare / Modern Warfare workshop summary

Mountain Warfare / Modern Warfare workshop summary

On behalf of the NATO MW COE Lessons Learned Branch, I kindly encourage you to seek out the detailed outcomes of the Mountain Warfare / Modern Warfare workshop conducted in December 2023 in Bled, Slovenia.

Within the document, you will find a comprehensive summary covering various aspects of the topic. This includes lessons drawn from past experiences, detailed case studies ranging from the mountains of Afghanistan to the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, an analysis of the current Russo-Ukrainian war, as well as strategic visions considering battlefield transparency, the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, and potential pathways forward.

You may find the proposed document in the form of an easy-to-read e-book on our Lessons Learned Portal in E-books section here: You need to login a a Lesson Learned User.

For those who do not have an access to our Lessons Learned Portal, please do not hesitate to register as per the link below:

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