Pilot Serial for the new NATO Mountain Warfare Operations Planning Course

Pilot Serial for the new NATO Mountain Warfare Operations Planning Course

Since the NATO MW COE aims at providing NATO Allies and Partners with a common and comprehensive approach to Mountain Warfare and enhancing the operational effectiveness of NATO-led missions, we have recently developed the NATO Mountain Warfare Operations Planning Course, with NATO ETOC code LOP-LO-37031. The course’s first iteration is to be held from 10 to 14 JUN 2024 in Poljče, Slovenia, at the NATO MW COE. More information can be found here.

In order to ensure that there are no design flaws and other deficiencies or problems with the planned course, a Pilot Serial was conducted at the NATO MW COE facilities from 29 JAN to 02 FEB 2024. Coordinated by the NATO MW COE E&T Branch, lecturers and participants from all NATO MW COE branches brought their contributions and feedback to adjust the schedule, synchronize lecturers & instructors, eliminate redundant content and verify that the material base is appropriate & enough.

We can now say that the lectures have enough content and allocated time to satisfy the Performance Objectives. The course has a relatively high tempo, but the framework consists of mixed types of intellectual & physical activities that offers a good balance of the natural energy rhythms.

The Centre meets all the essential resource requirements needed to successfully implement the instructional strategy. It offers the necessary facilities to deliver interactive lectures, modern equipment to enable team work and sufficient materials to support the individual tasks.

With all these in mind, all what’s left is to prepare the NATO MW COE infrastructure & equipment for the execution of the course’s first iteration. Join our NATO Mountain Warfare Operations Planning Course and see you in Slovenia!

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