Shooting Exercise

Shooting Exercise

Mastering firearms isn’t merely a simple skill; it’s a fundamental necessity for the success and safety of soldiers. To refine these indispensable abilities, the MW COE regularly conducts rigorous firearms training.

This week, the MW COE commenced with an extensive briefing on the assault rifle used by the Slovenian Armed Forces for its international members. Following this, joint dry-fire training sessions were conducted to solidify basic movement sequences and refine weapon handling techniques.

On the subsequent day, participants were transported to the shooting range to complete shooting exercises. Thanks to meticulous preparation and instruction, all MW COE participants successfully met the requirements and showcased their proficiency in firearm handling.

These intensive training efforts are pivotal for the operational readiness and safety consciousness of soldiers. Through consistent training sessions and expert guidance, participants’ firearm skills are continuously enhanced, ultimately bolstering the effectiveness and dependability of the armed forces.


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