Handover drones from ARTUS SECURITY SYSTEMS

Handover drones from ARTUS SECURITY SYSTEMS

ARTUS Security System, a renowned company specializing in advanced security solutions (www.artussecuritysystems.at), has generously provided two cutting-edge ATLAS UAS PRO drones (www.atlasuas.com) to the MW COE for a duration of two months, exclusively for testing purposes. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the exploration of drone technology within the Mountain Warfare Center of Excellence (MW COE).

Over the ensuing two months, the MW COE will rigorously evaluate these drones within mountainous terrains, delving into their myriad potential applications. The primary focus will encompass observation, reconnaissance, target acquisition (including precise coordinate determination), and exploration of their efficacy in rescue operations. Additionally, the feasibility of integrating these drones into a network, particularly as a part of a mother drone system, will be thoroughly assessed.

Moreover, the testing protocol will encompass both diurnal and nocturnal operations, underscoring the versatility of the ATLAS drone across various lighting conditions. Notably, one of the key advantages of the ATLAS drone is its capability to operate seamlessly in diverse weather conditions, thereby enhancing its utility and reliability in critical missions. Atlas not only offers one small tactical UAV but a whole ecosystem of unmanned systems – AtlasPRO (small tactical UAV), AtlasMICRO (Mini UAV), AtlasROVER (UGV), AtlasPEKONS (fixed wing UAV) and AtlasNEST (drone dock) & AtlasTETHER (as launching options for AtlasPRO) which can all be controlled by AtlasGCS.

The culmination of this testing phase will culminate in a comprehensive presentation of findings at the upcoming drone workshop (Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Small Tactical) in Mountainous Environment – MWCOE) scheduled for September. This forum will serve as a platform for sharing insights, exchanging best practices, and charting the way forward in leveraging drone technology for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

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